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    Address: Modelarska 12 street, 40-142 Katowice, Poland
    Tel.: +48 32 730-50-00
    Fax: +48 32 204-22-12
    e-mail: komunikacja.zwus@transport.bombardier.com

    Overview of Company business

    Our company is a member of Rail Control Solutions Division of Bombardier Transportation Group which is a global leader in rolling stock manufacturing and servicing industry. Its wide range of products includes passenger rail vehicles and complete rail transportation systems.

    Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Polska Sp. z o.o. in Katowice is a leading provider of systems for management, control and supervision over rail vehicle traffic in Poland. Having been founded in 1926 we have had over 80 years’ long tradition and extensive experience in design, manufacturing and installation of rail transportation systems and equipment in Poland and abroad. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly qualified specialists we guarantee that the systems and equipment offered are of world - class standard. Close, long-standing co-operation with our Customers focused on meeting Customer needs and expectations has contributed to consolidating our image of a reliable and dependable partner. Our systems and equipment have been successfully applied on railway lines, industrial plant stations, metro and tram transport.

    Products on offer for rail transport applications include, among others:
    rail traffic management, control and supervision centres (ICRs) which integrate not only signaling systems but also power supply and traction systems, rolling stock fault detection systems, railway telecommunication systems, radio communication systems, CCTV transmission systems and service and maintenance. Integrated Control Rooms were installed on Polish railway network in the following locations: Władysławów (Reda – Hel line), Błonie (E- 20 Line, section Gołąbki – Sochaczew), Mińsk Mazowiecki (E-20 Line, section Rembertów – Siedlce) and Opole Zachodnie (E- 30 Line, section Wrocław – Opole), Boleslawiec , Koluszki and Węgliniec.

  • ERTMS/ETCS train control systems;
  • line and station rail traffic control systems, including a complete family of state-of-the-art computerized interlocking and line block systems. During the last few years only we equipped 65 stations with computerized interlocking systems.
  • level crossing systems for all categories of crossings. In Poland itself we equipped 290 level crossings with the latest version of level crossing system;
  • wayside systems and equipment, such as: point machines and gate machines, axle counters, track circuits and light signals. Furthermore, our product offer comprises systems and equipment for industrial plant stations which facilitate managing and controlling traffic within the industrial plant area. Our product offer for rail urban transport (mass transit) applications covers:
  • Automatic Train Protection and Operation systems for metro. The systems ensure safe train operation in metro and optimum traffic capacity. They provide complete ATC (ATP and ATO) functionality. Warsaw Metro and Prague Metro have been in safe operation thanks to the use of these systems; systems and equipment for tram traffic control, including:

  • point control,
  • automatic level crossing systems,
  • point heating control,
  • complete family of point machines,
  • depot traffic control.

    All our systems and equipment have the certificates that are required on the Polish market. They comply with European CENELEC standards and since 1995 have been designed and manufactured in line with the ISO 9001 system standards for quality assurance. Among the railway companies in Poland, Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) is a leader in signalling systems and equipment. Our market share is estimated at over 80%. We have achieved this leading position because we believe that rail transport is the safest and most environment-friendly form of transporting people and goods. Our primary goal is to make a significant contribution to the development of rail transport infrastructure, to foster its competitiveness and gain our Customers’ satisfaction. At the same time, we want to achieve a financial success. It will allow us to add value and benefits to the Shareholders and create conditions for Company growth, as well as will ensure satisfying work conditions for our employees and opportunities for their wide-ranging development and, finally, to support the community we live in. We achieve these goals by:
  • building relations with the Customers, which while reaching beyond mere sales of products and marketing, are based on an honest, open dialogue, sharing of information, opinion and experience;
  • creating a complete, integrated product and services offer based on innovative technological solutions – both our own and those taken over from other members of RCS Division within Bombardier Transportation Group;
  • developing a flexible and effective supply chain relying on key production technologies and never-failing relations with our partners and suppliers.

    The EU requirements for modernisation of rail traffic infrastructure (to ensure interoperability), setting up of special EU funds for modernisation of transport infrastructure and – moreover, restructuring of PKP (Polish State Railways) and establishing a railway infrastructure administration company (PKP PLK S.A. – Polish Railway Lines Administration) have had an immense impact on the development of rail transport. As a result, there is a strong drive towards increase profitability and performance of the infrastructure in place, together with increased demand for:
  • systems for remote rail traffic management and control,
  • higher reliability and availability of infrastructure,
  • monitoring and diagnostic systems for signalling equipment,
  • service and maintenance support covering the full range of operations.

    These are the major aspects of strategy on which business activities of Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Polska Sp. z o.o. are focused.